One Door Ministries

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Steve and I are greatly encouraged by our time in Midland and the ODM Board meeting. We will begin working our way south today by flying to STL. meanwhile we have an urgent need- a Special Prayer Request !

All connected with One Door will appreciate your fervent prayer for safety over the next few days. The Haitian government requires all seminaries to teach classes on indigenous religions and other religious expressions, like voodoo and other world views. We have one such class scheduled for Thursday 20th and Friday 21st. The visiting professors will be staying with Ago and then return to the main island on Saturday. Our students will be taught the basic beliefs of this other faith.

When possible confront the darkness and fear with the Victory and Grace of Jesus Christ.
Please be praying towards that end. Thank you all. 
With a grateful heart,
Karen & Steve Jameson
One Door Ministries

Four Day Vision Trip To LaGonave, Haiti

Carlson UMC members are being given an opportunity to join a group from North Naples UMC on a Vision Trip to LaGonave Island, Haiti, on November 3 to 6.  The cost is $200 per person, plus round-trip air fare from Ft. Lauderdale to Port Au Prince.  Other costs will be paid by Youth4Orphans.  Terry Hand, Founder and CEO of Youth4Orphan said the purpose of the tour is to review the several aspects of the on-going missions on the island including the school.  Interested persons should contact Terry at 239 248-2838 or at